Partnered Success:

Empowering Your Journey Towards a Fulfilling Career and Life

About College Planning in New Hampshire

Partnered Success:

Empowering Your Journey Towards a Fulfilling Career and Life

Partnered Success empowers students to excel in their careers and educational pursuits. We offer personalized guidance for teens and adults, catering to their needs during college applications or career exploration.

Our distinctive approach blends Life Coaching, Career Development, and College Planning expertise to guide clients through pivotal life transitions. We’re devoted to helping clients recognize their strengths, comprehend their values, and pursue fulfilling and confidence-inspiring paths.

We provide comprehensive services to support students in selecting suitable schools, securing financial aid, and preparing for standardized tests. We customize our approach to each client’s needs, using assessment tools and career pathway exploration for a self-discovery journey. We assist clients in understanding their interests, aligning them with career opportunities, building robust networks, and effectively showcasing their value through resumes and cover letters.

At Partnered Success, we’re committed to offering clients the support and resources necessary to find clarity and direction, overcome challenges, and remain motivated throughout their journey.

About Partnered Success College Planning and Career Coaching in New Hampshire
Meet Sharon, the founder of Partnered Success, who is wholeheartedly committed to helping families uncover the finest educational opportunities for their children. With an impressive record of visiting almost 700 college campuses, Sharon provides invaluable insights into campus cultures, ensuring students discover their ideal fit. As a skilled Career Facilitator, she adeptly steers clients through career fields and trends, empowering them with a comprehensive understanding of available options as they traverse academic and professional pathways.

Credentials and Certifications:

  • Independent Educational Consultant Life Coaching Certificate, University of New Hampshire
  • MBA, St. Thomas University in Minnesota
  • Appointed by NH Governor to Board of Trustees, CCSNH
  • Member of Diversity and Inclusion Council, State of New Hampshire
  • Member of COVID-19 Task Force, State of New Hampshire
  • Board Member, Big Fish Learning Community in Dover, NH
  • Board Member, YES! Initiative in Pittsfield, MA
  • Member, Independent Educational Consulting Association (IECA)
  • Member, Higher Education Consulting Association (HECA)
  • Member, National Career Development Association (NDCA)
Sharon’s passion for education and career development shines through her numerous board memberships, contributions to task forces, and involvement in mentoring programs for underprivileged and first-generation students. Her commitment to creating a brighter future for individuals and communities drives her continued success in the field.
Our Mission

Our Mission

At Partnered Success, our mission is to empower individuals to confidently navigate their educational and career paths by providing personalized guidance, fostering self-discovery, and nurturing personal growth.

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